Have a crazy household? We can help.

Hometender let's you and the rest of the household manage chores, meals, emergency contacts, and where all of your stuff is right now.

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I am so busy, and our home falls apart. I don't have time to organize everything. Hometender is so cool. WHAT A RELIEF!

Julie Borrai

Highschool Teacher

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need Hometender?

If you are a busy household and want to centralize the management of your household tasks, then you need Hometender. Hometender can help you track the important things in your household and also help you communicate with your family.

What does it cost?

It is absolutely free. You can use it for no cost at all. If you want to help support our development and growth, while also getting recognized as a PRO user and disabling ads, then you can subscribe.

Can my kids use it too?

Yes. We're working on a child version of the Hometender website and mobile app, so that your child has a fun experience interacting with their chores and meal planning. It is an app with a reduced feature set to keep it simple, while adding some kid friendly design elements to make it more fun.

When will the app be released?

We don't have a specific date set yet, but be sure to get on our mailing list and we'll notify you the minute it becomes available!

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